Seeds…and seed saving

I am a seedaholic. There is something very satisfying about tin boxes stuffed with rattly seeds and the promise that they hold. Particularly in the twiddly-thumb, dark months of winter when my plot has moats instead of paths.

I love the names and the history behind heritage varieties. Saving my own seed just takes the addiction to a new level. Below is a list of what I am hoping to save in 2016, which I’ll update with pictures as the plants and fruits mature:

Alexanders, Aubergine Antigua, Cicoria Spadona, Beans: Climbing: Cara la Virgen de la Bañera Leon, Monachello di Trevio, Snowcap,  Bush: Black Coco, Montcalm Red Kidney, Red Swan, Cucumber Beit Alpha, Melon Kajari, Peas: Magnolia Blossom Tendril Pea, Sugar Lord,  Peppers: Chilli: Bulgarian Carrot, Chupetinho, Fish, Padron, Pasilla Bajio, Pinocchio’s Nose, Satan’s Kiss, Sweet: Lipstick, Squashes: Chirimen, Flat White Boer, Georgia Candy Roaster, Hidemi, Japanese Pie, Kikuza, Shishigatani, Tonda Padana, Whangaparoa Crown, Tomatoes: Chocolate  Cherokee, Paul Robeson, Red Zebra, Sunrise Bumblebee.