Growing in 2016

After much scribbling on my plot plans, checking against companion planting charts and umming/ahhhhing……voila! This is my latest stab at a plan for plots 100 & 92 in 2016.

I had some fantastic goodies in seed circles, and both they and Seedy Sunday meant changing everything around.  Celeriac and cauliflowers are still out. I love them, but slugs love them more. Stevia, and pepinos are in for the first time, along with lots of new varieties of more standard crops. Monkey nuts failed to appear though.

Potatoes: Charlotte, Dunluce 2kg each from JBA (aiming for staggered planting so some can be lifted later – navy bed) plus maincrop Red Emmalie, Alouette, Pink Fir Apple, Sarpo Mira & Axona.

Garlic: Extra Early Wight, Tuscany Wight – planted October 2015 on #92. And 2 cloves of Elephant garlic.

Aubergines: Antigua*, Ophelia

Beans: Wizard Field Beans (40Climbing: Cherokee Trail of Tears (16),  Desiree runners (10), Cara la Virgen de la Bañeza León* (14), Inca Pea Bean, Monachello di Trevio* (10)  Bush: Black Coco* (70 – 20 for HSL seed guardian scheme), Purple Teepee (10).

Brassicas: Evesham sprouts (4), Nero di Toscana (12 x 2), PSB (8), Gilfeather turnip/swede (8), Joan swede* (22), Pak Choi (10).

Courgettes: Atena F1, Genovese, Italian striped, Lunga Bianca, Wanda.

Cucumbers: Beit Alpha

Herbs: basil, salad burnet, stevia, thyme.

Leeks: Below Zero F1

Melons: Kajari* (2 – in greenhouse), pepinos* (6)

Oca: I have 2 types, peach and pink & white – to be grown I’m not sure how. Big pots = vine weevils, digging them out of the winter ground = misery.

Onions: Ailsa Craig (24), Long Red Florence shallot (24), Rijnsburger (24)

Peas: Meteor (sown November ’15 and thwacked by slugs), Kent Blue (greenhouse early crop), Magnolia Blossom Tendril Pea*, Sutton’s Purple Podded, Sugar Lord*.

Peppers: Chilli: Black Hungarian, Bulgarian Carrot*, Chupetinho*, Fish*, Orange Wonder*, Padron* (8), Rob’s Trial ‘B’, Satan’s Kiss*, Serrano Tampiqueño, Trepadeira Werner* Sweet: Lipstick*, Sheepsnose*.

Roots: Parsnips (18),  beetroot (Crapaudine*, Egyptian).

Salads & leaves:  cicoria Spadona* (16)

Squashes: Flat White Boer*, Georgia Candy Roaster*, Potimarron, Sucrette* (as an Orphan grown for HSL seed guardian scheme), Thelma Sanders

Sweetcorn: Sundance F1,

Tomatoes: Outside:Crimson Crush F1 (3) Inside: 100s&1000s, Blaby Special, Black Cherry, Blush*, Burpee’s Jubilee, Kenilworth King George*, Marvel Striped*, Medovaya Kaplya, Paul Robeson*,  Purple Ukraine, Red Zebra*,  Sosulka Oranzheraya (Orange Icicle), Sweet Aperitif, Sunrise Bumblebee*

Other things to dot about: giant achocha, cape gooseberries (6), yacon

Flowers: aster mixed pompom, cornflowers, cosmos (6),  honeywort (8), marigolds (16 – put under beans), nasturtiums (self-seeded), nigella (self-seeded), sweet peas.

Permanent crops: apple (Christmas Pippin), bay, blackcurrants (1st year), chives, comfrey, fig (2nd year), globe artichokes, grapevine (1st year), gooseberries (green, cooking), gooseberries (red, dessert), mint, mistletoe (2nd year – 2 more years to harvest), pear, pomegranate (still too small to fruit), quince, raspberries (autumn), redcurrants, rhubarb, saffron, sage, strawberries, strawberry tree (first flowering Nov. 2015), tayberries, wild garlic (2nd year).


  1. Onions, leeks, garlic will all need to go under enviromesh for fly protection – order covers to fit.
  2. Kale, turnips and swede are also together under enviromesh
  3. Greenhouse needs a really good clean on the inside – need to buy a ladder!

5 replies

  1. Managed to find your site Beryl, I hope your year goes well good to see you are having a go at the Bozeman & the, Kajari again this year lets hope the weather is better for us this year


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    • Hello! *waves furiously* The Kajari are doing really well but are still under lights. Unfortunately my Bozeman had an accident 😦 No watermelons for me this year I think. Am starting a few more seeds but I think it might be getting late.


  2. What a great plan! I know they say only to plant the crops you need, but it’s so interesting to try lots of different varieties. Can see you’ve carefully chosen them too. Will be great to see the results later in the year.


    • Thanks! I can’t resist new varieties…and I’m growing stevia after reading your posts about it. Am really looking forward to Spring and a whole new season after all these dreich days.

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