Plot videos

Summer routine

I’m getting back into my routine – wake up early, make coffee, shove on the worst of my wardrobe for allotmenteering in and slap factor 30 on any exposed skin. […]

Heigh-ho! said Rowley

Those frogs they certainly have been a-wooing… Our fantastic, heart-shaped, communal pond has drifts and drifts of frogspawn on its beach. And shiny eyes can be seen popping up everywhere, […]

Soggy bottoms

Two very quick videos of the very soggy #100 & #92. They probably sound fairly brassed off with the weather. It’s frustrating not to be able to do anything when it’s so wet. I did manage not to stick my finger over the mike though. I also noticed I’ve got volunteer potatoes for […]

Thrupence ha’penny tours

It’s been a few months since the last wobbly summer tours of the plots, so here are a couple of early autumnal ones, before the plots properly start shutting down for winter. These were filmed on Friday, and uploading them on Saturday nearly broke the elastic band holding our internet […]

Film firsts…plots 100 & 92

Filming clips is not my thing, but that said, I’ve uploaded 2 short plot videos to YouTube.  If you should watch these, please bear in mind I have never done this before – and now I appreciate how hard it is to shoot even a short thing like this in one take! […]