Dear 2016, you suck.

If this year’s allotmenteering were the Pilgrim’s Progress, right now I would be squarely in the Slough of Despond. I went into the greenhouse last night and discovered I have blight. […]

Blight and possibly a new seed circle

I ditched that jam. The sloe taste really isn’t nice, though it did set very well. We had a full Smith Period warning in the week and the tomatoes have mostly got blight now. The fruit are pretty acid green so I am not sure that they will turn at home. I’ve […]

Thwarted by rain

I should be careful what I wish for! My allotment plans have been thwarted by the rain and I am stuck in the flat tidying the kitchen and bedroom. Both things I really dislike doing! I wanted to get the navy bed finished & saffron bulbs planted out in it […]