Month: August 2014

Seed sales

Update: – picked just over 2kg of sloes and stuck them in the freezer pre-ginning – picked chicoria for tonight’s piadina (yum!) – chucked split soggy tomatoes in the compost – bailed out the navy bed again There is a pot of blackberries and sloes bubbling away on the stove, […]

August washout

Much rain has fallen. From being nearly empty the water butt’s full again and the part-dug bed is a pond – I bailed out 18 2-gallon watering cans with a rusty tin. I am stunned at how much rain we’ve had this month. I thought this was supposed to be […]

Summer harvests coming in

Last week was mostly spent showing my 15 year-old cousin around London, so there has been minimal plot time. Poor thing’s had a very damp week of it. All the rain would have meant it would be difficult to do much anyway. August is turning into a real washout. So […]

Thwarted by rain

I should be careful what I wish for! My allotment plans have been thwarted by the rain and I am stuck in the flat tidying the kitchen and bedroom. Both things I really dislike doing! I wanted to get the navy bed finished & saffron bulbs planted out in it […]

Squash tally

I gave the plot the promised soaking yesterday as the rain we had didn’t get far down. I’ve taken all the deformed leaves & flower stalks off the runners, and there were more normal ones there than I thought, so perhaps it won’t be catastrophic. One plant had to be […]

Squash and bean conundrums

Another quick trip up just to water all pots. I’ll need to give the whole plot a really good soaking on Friday if it doesn’t rain on Wednesday as forecast. Hand pollinated a Potimarron and bagged another for tomorrow, though I couldn’t see any male flowers to use. At least […]