Squash and bean conundrums

Another quick trip up just to water all pots. I’ll need to give the whole plot a really good soaking on Friday if it doesn’t rain on Wednesday as forecast.

Hand pollinated a Potimarron and bagged another for tomorrow, though I couldn’t see any male flowers to use. At least there will be enough other squash flowers to choose from. The Thelma Sanders is swelling nicely, but the second Queensland Blue baby fruit has gone yellow, which, going by experience, means that flower is going to abort. I’m not sure if it’s due to watering, high temperatures or (lack of) feeding. If anyone knows why that happens I would love to find out! It’s very frustrating. *runs off to Google*

Also attempted to pollinate 2 watermelons and picked a small pot full of achocha. Ate one of the new Genovese courgettes while walking around the plot – they are delicious! There are finally 2 small fruit forming on one of the Alberto chillies. I might have to swap in Lemon Drop chillies for these in the seed circle. They are the s l o w e s t growing chillies I’ve ever had.

Picked off and bagged half the deformed foliage from the runners. There are a few growing tips that look ok, but most have something that looks like bean mosaic virus. (this is after a lengthy trawl of the internet last night and lots of help on here) I contacted BigGee who grows the seed and he insists it’s the manure I grow them in. Having spoken to the garden centre manager where I bought it, I doubt that’s the case.

Will see first if the beans grow through it when I take the leaves off. One plant is fine, though the beans aren’t purple. Thankfully no one near me really saves bean seed where we are or I’d have to take the lot out. And given I have many other beans, this isn’t a huge disappointment, more of a minor hiccup.

Edit to add: saffron bulbs have arrived!!! Mahoooosive excitement here!!    

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