Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Autumn is very definitely here. Not that I mind, I love the turning leaves, the syrupy light and squirrelling away produce for the winter. I made damson jam this evening – am sitting here with half an ear cocked to hear the lids pop. My little shelf in the pantry is […]

Blackcurrant insurance

My Mum doesn’t want all her soft fruit anymore. To be honest, I’ve been doing the majority of the picking & transforming into jelly for the last 10 or so years anyway. But I am very attached to the bushes and I don’t want them just chucked over the fence or […]

Update from a very speedy trip in the freezing cold yesterday: Shook the ash from Friday’s fire round the redcurrants and on the strawberries. Tidied the dead leaves off another third of the strawberries and added them to the slow compost dalek. I need to remember to add some nettles […]

More weeding in the wet

Another 2-hour stint. This time after a week spent in bed with acute bronchitis. Not fun. I am still very tired and wheezy, so tried not to do too much or get too cold. Not sure I achieved either.  The site’s soggy and the main path to my plot is […]

Ill-thought through

Lesson #742 – don’t plant strawberries through weed suppressant membrane. ALL the runners have rooted through it. I’m having to tear it to shreds to get the runners out and they all have a black membrane skirt.  It is going to take me ages. ARGHHHH!!! 20 potted up for the […]

Progress report

Much cooler at the allotments this week. The tomatoes are starting to go orange finally but the 100s&1000s are very thick skinned. I’ve had to evict the aubergines from the culticave – no room at the inn for them now the chillies are rocketing up. (though I might stick them back […]