Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Autumn is very definitely here. Not that I mind, I love the turning leaves, the syrupy light and squirrelling away produce for the winter. I made damson jam this evening – am sitting here with half an ear cocked to hear the lids pop. My little shelf in the pantry is […]

Munty frame preparation

I’ve started digging on too many fronts so none are finished.  The roughly dug squash bed is coming along well and hopefully there will be a woodchip delivery soon so I can make a couple of paths. I’ve bought some extra stakes and poles to make a munty frame* at […]

Squash review – rouge vif d’etamps

The whopper was roasted last night, though annoyingly I forgot to take pictures of any of the process. They are much thinner-fleshed (relative to their size) than any of the others so far, with a huge cavity in the middle, which was a little disappointing. Will try to remember to […]