Squash review – rouge vif d’etamps

The whopper was roasted last night, though annoyingly I forgot to take pictures of any of the process. They are much thinner-fleshed (relative to their size) than any of the others so far, with a huge cavity in the middle, which was a little disappointing. Will try to remember to post photos on this entry from the remaining one.

It was roasted with garlic, s&p and oil till soft, and most of it will be turned into a vat of soup tonight. Flavour-wise it’s more savoury than the sweeter butternuts/Thelmas, more like Crown Prince/Queensland Blue/Tonda Padana and has none of the nutty notes of Potimarrons/Black Futsu. I think it’s one more for adding to dishes rather than roasting for having on its own.

They are really pretty to see on the plot, so I will grow them again for soups, pies & curries – but next time I need to hand-pollinate so I can keep some of the seeds. I didn’t hand-pollinate these, so can’t save seed this year. I think I have 2 seeds left.