Wet, wet, wet

Occasional showers my *&$%! It is tipping it down. Again. Managed an hour post-work and left the plot a bit soggily but with 12 dwarf borlotti seeds sown, radishes sown, manky cucumber leaves composted, split tomatoes luzzed into the cemetery, a considerable number of slugs likewise, pots watered and harvest […]

Seed sales

Update: – picked just over 2kg of sloes and stuck them in the freezer pre-ginning – picked chicoria for tonight’s piadina (yum!) – chucked split soggy tomatoes in the compost – bailed out the navy bed again There is a pot of blackberries and sloes bubbling away on the stove, […]

Thwarted by rain

I should be careful what I wish for! My allotment plans have been thwarted by the rain and I am stuck in the flat tidying the kitchen and bedroom. Both things I really dislike doing! I wanted to get the navy bed finished & saffron bulbs planted out in it […]