Wet, wet, wet

Occasional showers my *&$%! It is tipping it down. Again. Managed an hour post-work and left the plot a bit soggily but with 12 dwarf borlotti seeds sown, radishes sown, manky cucumber leaves composted, split tomatoes luzzed into the cemetery, a considerable number of slugs likewise, pots watered and harvest of more cucumbers (la diva are brilliant, so pleased with them), yet more achocha and varying tomatoes.

Made the blackberry and sloe jelly but a) it’s probably got too much sloe in it and b) ran out of clingfilm. Also made 2 bottles-worth of sloe gin which are tucked away under my bed and will be ready for Christmas: 700g washed and frozen sloes per bottle gin and 3 bruised almonds per 2L jar, no sugar added.

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