It’s raining!

For once the wet forecast wasn’t a big fat fib. Lovely, lovely rain hissing down quietly and steadily. I’m guessing this will end in a Full Smith Period, but I don’t care. My last spuds are nearly ready, I am crossing fingers the greenhouse will be protected and the plots […]

Saffron update

Last year I bought 60 bulbs and put them in pots and the ground. I got a better harvest from the ones in the pots and the ones in the […]

Fine weather holding…for now

Another really lovely day – starting in North London with mincepies for breakfast at a Forum friend’s and snaffling some excellent spare cookbooks (my favourite winter reading material!) and ending with an impromptu roast dinner with my Mum, which included testing out my saffron in a poached pear recipe. Verdict: as […]

Plot as therapy

Bl**dy good job I have the plot – needed a bit of space yesterday. Pottering about in the mud does help. As does seeing things come up or ripen. I […]

Summer harvests coming in

Last week was mostly spent showing my 15 year-old cousin around London, so there has been minimal plot time. Poor thing’s had a very damp week of it. All the rain would have meant it would be difficult to do much anyway. August is turning into a real washout. So […]