Surprisingly pleasant digging

Oh I am tired! Double dug 2.4m of the new 4.8m purple bed. Apart from the tree roots it was actually a lot easier than some of the others have been. There are very few weeds and the soil is quite crumbly, though very clay-ey underneath. Half the remainder was […]

Allotmenteering between the showers

My sweetpeas are now in, with borage seedlings at their feet. I’ve also put in a short row of golden beetroot, after reading that garlic shouldn’t be grown anywhere near peas. So that’s me needing something of a rethink on where to stick the petit pois! The birds are yomping […]

Is it dead?

My lesson today: I brought a tiny pomegranate seedling back from Paolo’s garden in Rimini last year. All its leaves fell off and as it looked dead I chucked it to the bottom of the shed. I saw it by chance today and noticed new leaves on the tiny stem. […]

Early onset panic

Sometimes allotmenteering isn’t all that fun. I am so behind on the bed prep. And Nature is choosing to go for things I really like. A lot of my beautiful pear tree’s leaves are covered in bright pink blisters, which the internet tells me is pear blister mite and, short […]