Allotmenteering between the showers

My sweetpeas are now in, with borage seedlings at their feet. I’ve also put in a short row of golden beetroot, after reading that garlic shouldn’t be grown anywhere near peas. So that’s me needing something of a rethink on where to stick the petit pois!

The birds are yomping through seed and fat balls on the plot – I watched the sparrows attacking the refills and the little beggars are hoiking out all the seeds they don’t like to get at the ones they do, much to the delight of 2 fat woodpigeons who were sitting attentively underneath. Grrrr.

At home I’ve sown 10 of the achocha Sunny kindly sent me, which are destined for the shed wall once I’ve stuck some trellis up it. (next weekend’s job!) After much googling I found info for spacing & height here.

I’ve noticed that some of the seedlings (chillies, tomatoes) have stalled a bit, so will see if a sprinkle of BFB starts them going again. The seed circle courgettes are starting to show their first true leaves on the balcony – exciting! And I now have 26 sweetcornlings up and growing.

I bought some salsify seeds (oops! they fell into my basket….) to add to a balcony pot – I do think I might have overestimated how many pots I can put on the balcony with all the other seedlings! I’ve never tasted it, so I hope I like it. The parsnips probably shouldn’t go in a trug, even if it is 42L, so I’ll see whether I can sow them out on the plot.

Please no more rain for a bit so I can dig some more!

Also put the remaining oca in 1 & 2 litre pots. Daydreamed about the plot being finished…and next year’s easy season when it’s all dug, manured and prepped. Discovered I have got a smidge of green paint on the cream sofa. Need to fix/hide that before Him Indoors spots it or he’ll never let me hear the end of it…

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