Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Autumn is very definitely here. Not that I mind, I love the turning leaves, the syrupy light and squirrelling away produce for the winter. I made damson jam this evening – am sitting here with half an ear cocked to hear the lids pop. My little shelf in the pantry is […]

Fully loaded tomato vines are really heavy

After last night’s plot watering I had a quick peek in the greenhouse to see if any tomatoes were ripe and saw chaos. The strings holding one of the cross-poles had snapped and vines were slumped everywhere. No breakages thankfully and they are back to being vertical, but it was […]

Greenhouse day! 

Ev-e-ry-thing came out, the ground was forked over & fluffed and some optimistic bits of bindweed were hoiked out and then…it was ready. I have been so looking forward to this moment. After some much-needed advice on greenhouse planting from Lionel I’ve planted out 11 tomatoes so far, 7 on […]