Greenhouse day! 

Ev-e-ry-thing came out, the ground was forked over & fluffed and some optimistic bits of bindweed were hoiked out and then…it was ready. I have been so looking forward to this moment.

greenhouse1After some much-needed advice on greenhouse planting from Lionel I’ve planted out 11 tomatoes so far, 7 on the left-hand side with 3 Lipstick peppers and 4 aubergines at the top end. The tomatoes are each sitting on a length of (pink) poly twine which is tied to a horizontal cane up near the rafters. In theory, you twist the tomatoes around the twine to keep them growing straight, and the roots of the plants anchor the twine in the ground. greenhouse2I love how clever this idea is, and how it eradicates the need for canes and fiddly tying-in, which is a huge pain. Plus I have always been clumsy, and reducing the opportunities to poke myself in the eye with a cane is never a bad thing. I’ll bung in a few more tomatoes on the right-hand side, but at the moment that space is taken up with trays of shivering seedlings. Growing in this chilly a Spring is challenging, and again, I am so grateful to have the greenhouse.

squashesThe squashes are outside, hating me. I have nowhere to put them though. I knew this would happen. Every year I overestimate how quickly I can dig, and every year I end up bodging my planting plan. There was some digging, but not nearly enough. I need to step it up a bit. Or just give up on parsnips this year. 16 of the 20 HSL orphan beans have germinated and I need space in the ground for them too, asap. Yikes!

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