Month: June 2013

Sun stops play

This is more like half an update – other stuff got in the way of going to the plot yesterday, and this morning I got quite sunburned so have come […]

Return of the mojo

My allotment mojo is back – hurrah!! I was worried for a bit it had gone for good. I am in the doghouse at home though, for forgetting the time tonight and failing to make good my promise to make fruit salad for Him Indoors… I spent 3 hours at […]

I am Eeyore-ish

Very little progress – disappointing, but I was so fed up with the interminable digging that I thought I’d have a break from the plot for a week. Work has been a bit demanding too. The things I have done – potted on seedlings and germinated 15 sweetcorn for a […]

Red ant dance

Golden purslane wins the super speedy seed award – it was up the next day. I also have swedes (about 30 by the looks of the tray) and chicory and marketmore cucumbers. I’ll have a happy hour of fiddling about with seedlings tonight – they are so wispy I’ll need […]


Not a huge amount to report – I’m still digging, and a bit worried now that the clay is about to set like concrete and that’s it for the year. […]