Sun stops play

This is more like half an update – other stuff got in the way of going to the plot yesterday, and this morning I got quite sunburned so have come home to repent and glow in the cool.

wheelbarrow extensionsThings are progressing nicely there – some woodchip has been delivered to the other field, so I rigged up a nifty wheelbarrow extension to cut down on the journeys to fill my new path. I also potted on some poppies and finally filled my comfrey press – all my comfrey plus some that was growing wild. The potatoes are still small – but hopefully busy growing underground. I picked another litre of strawberries, this time all much bigger, it’s going to be a really good year for them I think/hope.

Plot inspections were this morning – it was interesting seeing how it was done and thankfully not too many warning letters are due – and none to me!

The green bed frame is nearly up, but sunburn stopped completion. That and an invitation to the pub…

comfrey pipe

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