Not a huge amount to report – I’m still digging, and a bit worried now that the clay is about to set like concrete and that’s it for the year. (unless I hose it first, which seems like a proper waste of water) But I do have a new bed. It’s very pink. Seriously Barbie, which was not the intention. Lime green next…

A berry-loving squirrel/pigeon has stripped all bar one of my gooseberry bushes of all the unripe fruit. I hope he/she had belly-ache. Being next to the hedge has its disadvantages, no one else seems to have lost theirs, yet.

The broad beans are about 3ft high now, still flowering, and with lots of beans setting. The potatoes are all on their way – I think the charlottes in the bag are going to flower soon, they are well ahead of the ones in the bed. The chard is climbing to the sky and looks beautiful. I just wish it was tastier…

It was the allotment tea party today –  really nice to meet new people and the tables were groaning with cake…really tasty cake at that! And in celebration of the sun we had our first BBQ on the plot. Top marks to Maggie for her inventive use of a cold frame lid as a fan to get the coals going…

Edit to add photos – that’s me grafting on the allotment, under supervision post-BBQ (Maggie didn’t spend all afternoon observing and quaffing – but only got within camera range for this bit!). The soil in the pink bed absolutely stinks- it’s full of roots as thick as my wrist and is sodden and stagnant. Not so much fun! The much more pleasant top bed is finally done and has redcurrants and gooseberries in it. It will have strawberries too when the new netting arrives, this one is a bit too short but I really wanted to keep the remaining berries out of the local wildlife’s tummies….and there’s also a picture of (part of) me and Simples the meerkat from Exmoor Zoo, because that was one of the best hours this year so far, and I’d like a reminder on here.

under supervision

pink bed part dug

top bed Simples

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