Month: November 2013

Foraging: quinces and future leafmould

It was such a beautiful day first thing. I had a walk into town for some bewilderment at Christmas shopping options. I didn’t come back with presents, but I did find a huge japonica quince down by the river loaded with fruit that nobody seems to want. And if they […]

Chillies and paltry swede harvest

Right, that’s the last of the chillies snuck home from the plot. That gives me 12 plants to start with, and I’m hoping to still have about 4 round about February time. My care being a little iffy… All of the ones at home have lots of aphids, either brown […]

Preserves update

The third (and final!) batch of sloe gin is made. This one with Waitrose gin – one half with sugar and extract, the other with no sugar and a bruised almond. So the same as batches 1 & 2 but with cheaper gin – I’d like to know if the […]

Soggy, soggy, soggy!!

After all the rain, Plot 100 is a pond again. There are lots standing puddles on the grassy half and most of the woodchip paths I dug earlier are flooded.  I suppose it will be squelchy till Spring now. One corner of the shed is very wet inside. I’ve dug […]

Hello from Italy

Since I have to check in for work, I thought I’d stop by here too. San Clemente is beautiful right now – warm and sunny and I can’t help but feel very happy we got the right week to not be in the UK. I hope everyone’s sheds and various […]