Chillies and paltry swede harvest

chillies as houseplantsRight, that’s the last of the chillies snuck home from the plot. That gives me 12 plants to start with, and I’m hoping to still have about 4 round about February time. My care being a little iffy… All of the ones at home have lots of aphids, either brown or green. Does anyone have spray-free tips on how to keep them clear/er?

At the moment they are having a weekly upside-down shower and I spend about an hour a day wiping off critters.

paltry swedes from 2013I pulled all the swedes yesterday – none of them look pretty, or like a swede really should. Try again next year. *sigh*

There’s no sign of the garlic I planted in early October – I was hoping it would be showing by now. Garlic Provence is now in pots in the shed – one of the windows faces east and I hope that that is enough light for now. Still no sign of the other garlic in the bed.

The little bay and pomegranate seedlings are potted up, as is the strawberry tree, and I’m crossing fingers that they make it through winter. I’m not sure whether I should put the littlies inside the shed for a little protection from the elements…?

Dumped some foraged bricks on my space, which will make a stand for my second water butt. Hopefully I can build the stand and connect them tomorrow morning. I’ll bash in some wooden stakes on the outside of the bricks to hold them in place, and to go in front of and behind the butt to discourage it from tipping over.

There’s not much else to do up at the plot with the ground so boggy. Other than sorting out the path, which I plan to do with my new mattock some time over winter. It’s still really green up there and the grass is growing quite fast. The path is a mudslide – the site’s bonfire was on the weekend and lots of people came.

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