Soggy, soggy, soggy!!

After all the rain, Plot 100 is a pond again. There are lots standing puddles on the grassy half and most of the woodchip paths I dug earlier are flooded.  I suppose it will be squelchy till Spring now.

One corner of the shed is very wet inside. I’ve dug a little gully along the quince tree to hopefully draw off most of the water and send it into the new woodchip path. The chips haven’t quite settled in yet and it feels a little like walking on an airbed…

Thankfully the storm hasn’t done much damage to my corner – some of the broccoli is having a rest on the ground, but otherwise it’s all in good shape. Other people haven’t been so lucky, mostly with roof felt coming off sheds, and one shed went over like a house of cards.

Topped up the dalek with yet another barrow of damp manure and 2 bags of shredded & soaked bank statements – I can’t ever seem to fill the thing! It’s still quite warm inside & smells surprisingly sweet.

I’ve brought the final bag of purple pods home for drying beans. There’s no way we need all this seed, so it’s bean stew for them. The remaining chillies are still going great guns in the other cave. I should bring them home this weekend before it gets really cold.

And I must remember to take up some WD40 for the shed lock, which is now really, really stiff.

Off now to play ‘hunt the aphid’ on the chilli plants and watch fireworks from the window – living high up in a flat sometimes has its good points! Happy Guy Fawkes Night!

Categories: Diary 2013