Month: September 2014

In praise of watermelon

Uh-oh, seed buying is continuing. This time from Baker Creek across the pond. All squash seeds: Flat White Boer, Jarrahdale (I’ve had my eye on that one since last year…), Noob […]

Squashes and worms

I went up for a quick hour early this morning to add a couple of bags of wet, unrotted leaves from last year to the navy bed as wormfood. If I’m going to do this leafmould thing properly I need to either construct some decent bins or lay in a […]

Blight and possibly a new seed circle

I ditched that jam. The sloe taste really isn’t nice, though it did set very well. We had a full Smith Period warning in the week and the tomatoes have mostly got blight now. The fruit are pretty acid green so I am not sure that they will turn at home. I’ve […]

Wet, wet, wet

Occasional showers my *&$%! It is tipping it down. Again. Managed an hour post-work and left the plot a bit soggily but with 12 dwarf borlotti seeds sown, radishes sown, manky cucumber leaves composted, split tomatoes luzzed into the cemetery, a considerable number of slugs likewise, pots watered and harvest […]