Month: March 2015

Gales and horizontal rain

What horrible weather. I had both days free and the plan was to put up my greenhouse. Cue high winds and horizontal rain. In a brief lull the culticave went up as a temporary sanctuary and my peas and onions are tucked up inside. Slugs are already trying to take […]

Ruddy jackdaws!

I came back from the plot this evening and they have had my Kent Blue peas. And beheaded lots of the flowers  – the cerinthe have been hammered. They are funny birds, but right now I wish they would just sod off. So tonight I will be on a potting […]

Aspirant Seed Guardian & 3rd veggiversary

Hurray! You are reading the diary of a fully paid up new member of the HSL. I’m applying to be a seed guardian too, which I feel warrants a special hat. Something in the flatcap or Terry Pratchett style I think. I really enjoyed the Edible Garden Show. I wish it were […]

Potting On and Pricking Out

Yesterday evening was set aside for Potting On and Pricking Out after ramping up the compost supplies. The various seedling pots are starting to be overcrowded, and I am also running out of room on the sunny windowsill, so anything remotely hardy is soon going to be chucked out into […]

Moving redcurrants

I have to sort something out so I get more time at the plot on the weekends! Another dash this weekend, only this time with absolutely no time for sitting and staring. I went via Mum’s, to deliver Mum’s Day flowers and a card, and to relieve her of a […]


Well, Andie and I put in a few hours of clearing, and we did have a fire. Interrupted by Mrs ShoutyPantsOverTheFence who, despite the wind blowing in totally the opposite direction, objected to the fire in the strongest possible terms. Ours wasn’t the only fire, but unfortunately it was the […]

Achey-breaky rhubarb

Another achey-breaky update. I am creaking from a mattocking stint, hacking out a hole in the road running along the plot’s south side so I can put my oldest rhubarb in it, a short 3 years since it was bought. Enlarged the hole to a metre wide, 45cm ish deep & […]

Starting mistletoe

Managed to shuftie round my day off so I could de-stress a bit on the allotment today. Nothing beats being outside, messing about with plants and with the sun on my back, though an Aperol spritz or 3 comes close on occasion. I drove over to my favourite garden centre […]