Potting On and Pricking Out

Yesterday evening was set aside for Potting On and Pricking Out after ramping up the compost supplies. The various seedling pots are starting to be overcrowded, and I am also running out of room on the sunny windowsill, so anything remotely hardy is soon going to be chucked out into the hall, on the balcony or into the culticave on the plots.

I have 48 onions in modules on the bedroom floor. I was aiming for 30 onions, but there are 24 spaces in each tray and it seemed rude not to fill them…can’t keep going on in this fashion though!

Every one of the Kent Blue peas is up, and most of the Hurst Greenshaft peas too, so they are now on the balcony as I reckon they are pretty hardy. I’ve also potted on umpteen sweet peas – even though half of them didn’t come up. Am hoping that Mum might want some for her garden. My celeriac doesn’t seem to be doing anything so far, but luckily some better plants ‘fell’ into my basket while at the garden centre…

Though on my previous record means this is all doomed to failure. Along with swede, celeriac is a veg I Cannot Grow. The best I have managed so far is not even the size of a golf ball. Slugs eat them, they refuse to grow, and then they bolt. But they are just so darned tasty I can’t give up. I need to find someone who grows them well and either beg them for help or watch them like a hawk.

My raspberry canes arrived yesterday. Plot #92 isn’t ready. Not by any optimistic definition of readiness. So it’s into a bucket of well watered compost and hopefully they will be ok till it is. And on that, I’ve been wondering how to tackle it. At the moment I am thinking of roughly digging it over, getting some decking to edge the half, plus possibly a tonne bag of topsoil to put on top & raise the levels a bit. It is a little boggy there currently so I am thinking of planting into ridges. No raised beds though, other than a small one for the saffron which is being moved there for the extra sunshine.

On a quick flit up to the plot for PSB harvesting purposes I saw the contractors have been and removed one of the 4 leylandii overlooking the site, and lopped a further 2. So more sun for us! Hopefully we can come to an agreement with our neighbour and get the 2 lopped ones removed, it would make a huge difference. They don’t want them. Though now it’s nesting season, and I’ve been trying to get this done for about 7 months…

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