Aspirant Seed Guardian & 3rd veggiversary

Hurray! You are reading the diary of a fully paid up new member of the HSL. I’m applying to be a seed guardian too, which I feel warrants a special hat. Something in the flatcap or Terry Pratchett style I think.

I really enjoyed the Edible Garden Show. I wish it were a bigger thing, with a wider selection of stalls, not least more seed merchants with open pollinated/heritage seeds rather than F1s. But, it’s still great to see a whole hall devoted to growing edibles rather than them being an add-on or afterthought. It was very quiet so there was plenty of time to saunter round everything in Mr&Mrs Bee’s company.

Things I learned:
1) I need another pomegranate bush if I want to have fruit as one is not enough. Easily done as I’m sure I can grub one up in Paolo’s garden next time we’re over.
2) How to make some delicious dry-cure bacon thanks to Di & Paul Peacock and their brilliant sessions
3) I can’t resist tiny and unusual chilli plants
4) The route planner timings for driving from my gaff to Ally Pally are aspirational at best…

It’s been a good couple of days for seedaholism. Yesterday was our first seed circle pub chat for our allotment site, and it looks like that is going to be a good ‘un if we have a good season. Plenty of enthusiasm there. Ours is a big site and it was great to meet some new people and talk about growing stuff.

Today was my 3rd anniversary of having Plot 100 and learning to grow fruit & veg. Time definitely flies…Tomorrow’s plan is to buy gravel boards for edging Plot 92 and to see how far I can get in digging it over. Sunday’s plan is likely for more of the same. As long as my back holds up anyways..

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