Diary 2015

Time for a tidy

The weather’s still ridiculously mild – no frost since late November. On the plus side it’s really easy to weed with the ground being nice and soft. I’d like to be a step ahead for next season with a tidy plot ready for planting, rather than my usual 3 steps behind. So weeding it is. […]

Peas please

I had hoped the frost would herald some proper winter. I hate unendingly claggy, wet, grey days. I can feel my allotment mojo seeping away, and even though there is plenty to do, I struggle to muster much energy to tackle it. What does help is beginning to plan next year. […]

Winter is Coming…

Yes it’s cheesey, but the weather forecast is a perfect opportunity to crowbar in GoT…Temperatures are set to hit zero or -1C, depending on your choice of weather service. I’m not sure all […]