Diary 2015

Uh-oh. More seeds.

The Crown Prince squash has been sacrificed for the greater good. It’s gone an amazing 2-tone orange/grey-green. Half of it has been roasted. The other half is wrapped up in the fridge and may need to be donated to hungry mouths up the road – the thing is HUGE. 7 […]

More weeding in the wet

Another 2-hour stint. This time after a week spent in bed with acute bronchitis. Not fun. I am still very tired and wheezy, so tried not to do too much or get too cold. Not sure I achieved either.  The site’s soggy and the main path to my plot is […]

January starts

I popped up to the plot this afternoon, if nothing else then to put off de-Christmassing the flat. Mistletoe berries have been removed from the twigs in the flat and are in the shed till Feb/March as per received internet wisdom. I’m going to try wiping them on my apple […]

Growing in 2015

The annual pen-chewing and umming/aahhhing over seeds has resulted in this list of optimism for 2015: Potatoes: Charlotte, Lady Christl – 1.5kg of each ordered from DT Brown. Desiree from £land.Beans: Aquadulce Claudia, Crimson flowered broad beans, DFB Minidor, Nun’s Belly Button, Vermont Cranberry, Black Coco and Amythest, then CFB Cara […]