Diary 2015


Everything’s put on a growth spurt in the heat – the Purple Ukraine tomato in the greenhouse is already nearly as tall as me, and I’m not short! For next year I really should mulch the beds. They are so dry they are forming a crust on top and it is taking […]

The sun has got his hat on…

Not that I can stay out in it for long. My walking around has slowed to an ‘it’s really hot!’ shuffle. Both plots had a watering early this morning and I can see the slugs are back and interested in my newest beans. Slug pellets have been deployed, though sadly […]

Pre-heatwave preparations…

The plots and pots have been thoroughly soaked and pots grouped to try and reduce moisture evaporation. I haven’t managed to shade the greenhouse though and will try to bodge something together later today. Jetwashed the French beans again to reduce the amount of ruddy blackfly on them. This is […]

That last quince on the tree has now fallen off. Maybe better luck next year. It was the first year it’s ever formed fruits after all. Operation Aphid Squish is beginning. I jetwashed the broad beans this morning with the hose and have started the soapy water treatment on the […]

Film firsts…plots 100 & 92

Filming clips is not my thing, but that said, I’ve uploaded 2 short plot videos to YouTube.  If you should watch these, please bear in mind I have never done this before – and now I appreciate how hard it is to shoot even a short thing like this in one take! […]

Saffron update

Last year I bought 60 bulbs and put them in pots and the ground. I got a better harvest from the ones in the pots and the ones in the […]

Shotput is rarely a good idea

Sometimes I just don’t think. Playing Olympic shotput with clods of earth is all very well, but I knew this one would go short when it left my hand. In the way were the squashes I’d put out to harden off. The Black Futsus should be ok, but I’m missing […]

Still no parsnips.

I am giving them till the weekend to show themselves or I will be sticking some squashes in. And in any battle of parsnips vs squash I know what my money would be on. Bar 3 minor casualties the plots have survived last night’s gales unscathed: my giant plastic cloche […]