The sun has got his hat on…

Not that I can stay out in it for long. My walking around has slowed to an ‘it’s really hot!’ shuffle. Both plots had a watering early this morning and I can see the slugs are back and interested in my newest beans. Slug pellets have been deployed, though sadly not soon enough for a couple of the Mrs Fortune’s.

I dug up some Lady Christls – nice enough size, though if I’d left them another couple of weeks there would be lots more. They have a fair amount of slug damage. I’ve watered in nematodes and hopefully that can stem the damage.

shaded greenhouseThe greenhouse has some shading thanks to Lionel, who took pity on my plants and gave me some of his.

About the last thing I could manage before it got seriously hot was picking some of the redcurrants. The other 2 bushes are turning now, though they aren’t as heavily laden. I got 4 litres of berries from the Jonkheer van Tets. Soon to be made into jelly.

fennelI will soon have some padron peppers to harvest, and fennel, and the first courgettes. The sweetcorn is growing so fast you can almost hear it.

At home the balcony plants are doing ok. At least the brassicas are cooler up there and it’s easier to keep them damp. I’ve scoffed the balcony strawberries which are un-netted and have no bird damage. On the other hand the ruddy jackdaws have annihilated the lettuces each and every time I have put the planters out. I’m going to try again, but down at the plot, not here.

Final squash plant summary:
#92: Potimarron x 2, Flat White Boer x 2, Marina di Chioggia, Geraumon Martinique x 2, Jarrahdale x 2
#100: Small Sugar x 2, Sweet Dumpling x 2, Berretina Piacentina, Iran, BNS, Shishigatani x2, Black Futsu x 2, Burgess Buttercup, plus 6 courgettes, Rugosa Fruilana x 2, Tromba di Albbenga x 2.

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