Summer routine

I’m getting back into my routine – wake up early, make coffee, shove on the worst of my wardrobe for allotmenteering in and slap factor 30 on any exposed skin. Spend 5 minutes looking for keys & cap and I’m off to the plot.

Despite their absolute neglect for a couple of weeks, what I have planted is roaring away. Every visit ends with me picking/eating a punnet or two of raspberries – huge, juicy berries that are wonderfully early this year. Definitely one of the things I most enjoy growing!

My distractions (Hampton Court, horses, the RDA sensory track – about which there will be a post when I can get my thoughts in order) mean that the weeds are also full steam ahead, and that lots of my growing plan has fallen away. I have leeks, but that is it for winter veg. I will miss brassicas – PSB, swede, turnips and kale are things I’ve come to look forward to. I might chance a few seeds, but perhaps it’s no bad thing to have a bit of time off from the plots, and to be able to ready the beds thoroughly for spring.

Rather than going through everything piece by piece, I’ve made 2 short videos. Apologies for the sniffing in the first – it was very early, and surprisingly cold!


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  1. It’s always a good day when your blog appears in my inbox – especially when it’s dark, cold and wet as it was yesterday! Summer!!! I’m amazed at the size of your plots – but they do look lovely. I was thinking of growing a medlar …

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    • That’s a lovely comment to read after a trying day, thank you! All my medlars have fallen off the new tree, so I guess I’ll taste them late next year!


  2. Hi Beryl, what a huge variety of species you have on your plots. Makes mine look quite boring. It’s not the picking I don’t like but the dealing with it after. Hampton sounds a wonderful experience, I too would have been ‘skip diving’ lol


    • Thanks Linda! I have a finely honed seed addiction, though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with standard varieties. They’re popular for a reason! 😀


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