August roll-call, first segment

I haven’t done anything like a general update for a while. I have meant to, but in film form. And each time I’ve tried it it’s been too windy, there were too many people at the allotment (wandering around muttering into a camera isn’t the most natural of activities!) or the battery was flashing on critical.

This one is from #92. I did try another for #100 but my phone was having none of it.

Please feel free to admire the shallots. I am very proud and they are really, REALLY lovely, especially compared to the paltriness of my onions.




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  1. Great video B, and commentary. I always post a comment but it usually doesn’t post for some reason…. This time, using some mysterious process of Facebook, maybe it will…. Very impressed with your blight fight-back and the shallots… My shallots failed this year (partly through intermittent neglect) and the (grafted) melons didn’t produce ONE flower presenting problem for hand pollination…! 3 of the darn things produced masses of growth (which I tended according to the good books) but not one flower, I gave up and undertook jungle clearance last week. Talking of “melons” did you have any luck with the seeds of Shark’s Fin Melon (which is actually a very elegant squash)? I didn’t grow them this year but still have several melons/squash in (decomposing!) storage from last year and read that old seeds germinate better than fresh ones so might try then in 2017….. Happy days, B. b.


    • Hi Barry,
      This works – it was languishing in a ‘suspect’ folder though and I don’t know why. Slugs had all the Sharks Fin Melons, but then they’ve been demolishing anything they can find this year. The shallots have just been plaited and I am trying to find somewhere very obvious to hang them in the kitchen. I have no melons at all – a potential late bloomer has just fallen off. Next year…


    • Thanks – I am so relieved about the tomatoes! I had a chilli revelation this year: small plant in a flower bucket with plenty of BFB, kept in g/h till June then chucked outside. And it’s grown massive! I do put all my chillies outside eventually, they seem to cope ok.

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