Please can proper August weather come back?

Like in the ’70s, if you wouldn’t mind. Not this miserable, damp, cool weather that’s more at home in October than August. It feels wrong to be wearing a jumper and boots this time of year. Though looking at last year’s diary August was pretty wet then too. #100 My […]

It’s raining!

For once the wet forecast wasn’t a big fat fib. Lovely, lovely rain hissing down quietly and steadily. I’m guessing this will end in a Full Smith Period, but I don’t care. My last spuds are nearly ready, I am crossing fingers the greenhouse will be protected and the plots […]

Cake, and lots of it

This weekend was the allotment summer tea party. Rarely has so much cake been gathered in one place…There are some very competitive, talented bakers in our midst and the table was crammed with goodies. Thanks to stirling efforts and elastic waistbands most of it was scoffed. It really was a lovely […]

Fully loaded tomato vines are really heavy

After last night’s plot watering I had a quick peek in the greenhouse to see if any tomatoes were ripe and saw chaos. The strings holding one of the cross-poles had snapped and vines were slumped everywhere. No breakages thankfully and they are back to being vertical, but it was […]

I’ve neglected the plot for a few days and it shows. The potted aubergine, fuschia and tomatoes were gasping for water. Spent 3 hours digging and sifting the future saffron bed. I am two-thirds done, which means I am thoroughly fed up with picking out bindweed and pulling buttercup/bramble/couch roots […]

Back to Blighty

After a week away in gorgeous Oslo, basking in the sun and swimming in the fjord. Despite it being colder here than the much more northern there, most of my stuff has put on a massive growth spurt while I was away. My waterers have done brilliantly, and the rain […]

Powering through that list

….well maybe not, but some of it is crossed off! My long-suffering oca is now out and in the ground. There are 2 left over and Andie has said that she will give them a home (phew!). I am looking forward to seeing the huge amount of foliage appearing, and […]

Still no real rain.

My twice-weekly drenching of the plots does seem to be working though. I’ve got myself more organised – not been on top form for a few days and I can’t move fast so this is needed to make up some ground! There is a list of things to do on […]