I’ve neglected the plot for a few days and it shows. The potted aubergine, fuschia and tomatoes were gasping for water.

Spent 3 hours digging and sifting the future saffron bed. I am two-thirds done, which means I am thoroughly fed up with picking out bindweed and pulling buttercup/bramble/couch roots out. My back sets in position after a short while and I stagger round for a bit like an old crone when I want to get up and do something else. It’s not much of an incentive to go back and keep digging, though I will be pleased as punch when it’s done.

The lack of rain is causing lots of stress for me and the plants – the watermelon has stopped growing, as have the courgettes and the squashes & melons are either aborting or not setting fruit, which is disappointing. I have one Berretina that is doing well and the 3 further along the vine are just not. I plan to go down very early tomorrow morning and spend a couple of hours carting water about to soak the plots again.

The onions from seed are starting to fall over, which is very nice – I’m guessing they will be all up and drying by the end of September. The chillies are starting to produce a lot of flowers and it looks like a good crop from some of them. My beetroot is at a harvestable size too and I’ve sown some more for when we’ve eaten it all. I need to sow some kohlrabi to set out under the winter brassicas too. And I’m so pleased it’s doing well amongst the popcorn. I don’t think I will get away with that every year (pigeons and butterflies being what they are) but it’s good to keep seeing them unmunched so far.

Picked: 5 peppers (Lipstick and Tsygansky Baron), a load more blackberries for pud, tomatoes (Red Zebra, Sandpoint, Ildi, Gardener’s Delight, Rainbow and Purple Ukranian) and a few beans for snacking on.

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