The blue bed is DONE! Yippeeeeeeee!!!!! It took me 6 hours and I hurt all over. I am going to have the longest, hottest shower, a glass of something lovely and a stonkingly good dinner. I have earned it. It’s not so much digging as hoiking out a spit or […]

Spud bed digging

Quickish session today – I’ve started on the blue bed, which has a fair few tree roots waving out of it at me. I dig to a spit/spit and a […]

Digging is depressing

I feel very Dickensian. The Ghost of Digging Past is just about bearable. The Ghost of Digging Present is showing me horrible things. And quite often (ie now) the Ghost of Digging Future makes me want to lie down and cry. Just doing the bottom boundary path has taken me […]

Digging and planning

It was a busy weekend with a couple of sessions on the plot. I snaffled 330l dalek bargain on fleabay and collected it in Mum’s car this morning. The should […]

Beetroot cake, anyone?

Fabulous day at the plot – sunny and a little breezy. I don’t think that the tomatoes are going to last much longer, so I’m cutting branches to pick the fruit. The plants look knackered. I picked and picked, but there are still so many left! It’s been such a […]


Not a huge amount to report – I’m still digging, and a bit worried now that the clay is about to set like concrete and that’s it for the year. […]

Digging continues

The kohlrabi, beans and harlequin squash are all up, nothing else is showing at all. I have seeds queuing at home, thanks to the brilliant Forum seed swap parcel and […]

I am a bit broken

Today was all about breaking up the new ground for a bed or two. The blackthorn is tenacious and resisted even the mattock we borrowed. And there is also hardcore […]