Digging continues

The kohlrabi, beans and harlequin squash are all up, nothing else is showing at all. I have seeds queuing at home, thanks to the brilliant Forum seed swap parcel and my delivery of ‘accidental additionals’

I bought a very nice looking Christmas Pippin (M27 stock) from the local garden centre and it needs to come out of its pot and go into the earth. We’re off to Devon next weekend with Small Child, so this week’s goal is to get as many things in pots into the ground as possible before I go so they don’t dry out.

So at the plot it’s still all about the digging. For variety I’ve moved to the bottom of the plot, and am digging over what seems to be stagnant compacted soil clay, smelling very eggy and full of blackthorn roots. Some have been over 7ft long…Himself helped me put up the boards for the bed, so there is now some lovely purple on show. My plans  have changed again – I wanted beds shaped like an E but I’ve realised the slope on the plot stops that being feasible without levelling the whole thing. Which I am not going to do!

view up plot
new bed

Had to lock my barrow in the shed as some weasel is stealing stuff from the site. 2 barrows and a stack of paving slabs have gone so far, though no sheds have been broken into. I spoke to the Chair and he’s thinking of installing a camera somewhere – given our fencing and what’s been taken, whoever is doing this has to be someone with a key unfortunately.

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