Greenhouse day! 

Ev-e-ry-thing came out, the ground was forked over & fluffed and some optimistic bits of bindweed were hoiked out and then…it was ready. I have been so looking forward to this moment. After some much-needed advice on greenhouse planting from Lionel I’ve planted out 11 tomatoes so far, 7 on […]

All prepped and ready to go

Hooray, hooray the greenhouse is done. I’ve dug and turned over the claggy clay to a spade’s depth and removed a big tub of bramble roots and buttercups. To enrich it a bit and have it completely ready for swathes of tomatoes I’ve added a few bags of rotted manure, […]

Greenhouse preoccupations

Obviously now it’s up I am spending ALL my plot time in the greenhouse. So far I’ve edged a path with some spare (and a bit dubious rot-wise) old decking and filled it with cardboard and woodchip. I hope that doesn’t mean I have invited a new population of woodlice into […]

New toy!

The premature death of the culticave DID put a lot more pressure on…So, armed with everything I could think of, and after blackmailing Piero into helping for 2 hours, we loaded up the greenhouse into my titchy Mx5 (it’s so handy the roof comes off!) and I drove veeeeery slowly to […]

Ruddy jackdaws!

I came back from the plot this evening and they have had my Kent Blue peas. And beheaded lots of the flowers  – the cerinthe have been hammered. They are funny birds, but right now I wish they would just sod off. So tonight I will be on a potting […]