New toy!

The premature death of the culticave DID put a lot more pressure on…So, armed with everything I could think of, and after blackmailing Piero into helping for 2 hours, we loaded up the greenhouse into my titchy Mx5 (it’s so handynew greenhouse the roof comes off!) and I drove veeeeery slowly to the plot. We knew my garage leaks, but hadn’t thought through what that would do to the packaging innards. Soggy instructions! Thankfully it wasn’t too windy, as the panels are all in one piece and have to be slotted in from the top. And the side panels have to go in before the side bars go on – that was the hairiest bit as the wind picked up for a couple of hours and Piero was essentially hanging onto a long plastic sail while I tried to figure out the pictures…

He left when the roof ridge was on and I spent another 5 hours finishing it – and an hour of that was undoing what we’d done so I could fish out some bits I’d put in the wrong place…

The door’s on, but it was 8pm when I was finally done and cleared, and I couldn’t face getting the camera out again. Not bad for £35 eh?

I also had an hour or so on #100, watering pots, checking things over, finding more of my pea seedlings scattered about from the storm. Discovered the mistletoe seeds have legs! It looks like they are taking on both the blackthorn as well as the apple.

Got home, exhausted, and discovered I also have sunburn…time to put a new bottle of sunscreen in the shed.


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