In praise of watermelon

Uh-oh, seed buying is continuing. This time from Baker Creek across the pond. All squash seeds: Flat White Boer, Jarrahdale (I’ve had my eye on that one since last year…), Noob […]

Wet, wet, wet

Occasional showers my *&$%! It is tipping it down. Again. Managed an hour post-work and left the plot a bit soggily but with 12 dwarf borlotti seeds sown, radishes sown, manky cucumber leaves composted, split tomatoes luzzed into the cemetery, a considerable number of slugs likewise, pots watered and harvest […]

Compost miscalculation

I’ve resown the achocha, sown the Aeron Purple Star runner beans and run out of compost. Due to a stunning combination of forgetfulness and Him Indoors’s car possibly being beyond repair we’ve let our joint car insurance lapse, so I can’t get anymore till that’s sorted. Other things will just […]

Harvest festival

I went round to Mum’s and picked up a carrier of windfall Bramleys. And then I remembered seeing all the blackthorn in blossom over the fields, so I thought I […]