Compost miscalculation

I’ve resown the achocha, sown the Aeron Purple Star runner beans and run out of compost. Due to a stunning combination of forgetfulness and Him Indoors’s car possibly being beyond repair we’ve let our joint car insurance lapse, so I can’t get anymore till that’s sorted. Other things will just have to wait a few days cos I’m off to Berlin for a conference this lunchtime.

There will be time to pop up to the plot for a last water of the pots and bagged spuds, and leaving plain English instructions for my sainted Mum who will be checking on everything for me while I am away. Though it’s raining again now, so I doubt there will be much to do!

Found a recipe for sloe port a couple of days ago, and now I have a 2 litre jar stewing away under the bed. Throwing away gin-riddled sloes does just seem rude…Should be ready for my birthday in September.

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