Month: February 2014

Progress with strawberries

Good stuff today – despite forgetting to take pictures. At the plot I’ve made a small start into sorting out the strawberry runners from last year. 19 runners had escaped and rooted themselves under the apple tree – now safely out and ensconced in pots. The apple area is blissfully […]

Sesame Street fans…

This update is brought to you by the letters O and W! Yesterday and today I’ve been shifting earth for the new path, hacking out blackthorn stumps and barrowing the soil into the hedge. It’s squishy, smells stagnant and bloody hard work. I’m resisting buying yet another pair of boots […]

Sowed sweet peas today. I don’t have a good track record with these so I’ve another couple of packets in stock for if/when these fail…One more hot wax and one aubergine too. I’ve given up on the others, I could see some tiny weird see-through/whiteish wormy things in the compost […]

Hooray hooray I have a soakaway!!

Not a big one, because it sends some of the water down the north edge of my new neighbour-to-be, but enough to mostly drain the moat that was the lower path. The stuff under the water is thick with slimy algae.  In the search for silver linings, I am glad […]