Sowed sweet peas today. I don’t have a good track record with these so I’ve another couple of packets in stock for if/when these fail…One more hot wax and one aubergine too.

I’ve given up on the others, I could see some tiny weird see-through/whiteish wormy things in the compost and I’m pretty sure they’re fungus gnat larvae. I’ve had a real problem with these in the flat this year either from the MPC – or from migrating flies from our kitchen recycling. Oversoaking the chillies hasn’t helped and I think that they are getting into everything.

My numpty ‘brainwave’ was to kill them by nuking the compost I was using in the microwave. 2 bursts of 3 minutes each. I think that I am very lucky it was fairly wet and didn’t catch fire. Being 60% peat it took over an hour to cool down…Don’t think that I will be doing that again!!

The alberto’s locoto rocoto and facing heaven chillies are still doing nothing. They’ve got another week’s grace and then I’ll sow something else. To be honest I am a bit worried about them germinating – I think that they are old seed (they were a swap) and I’ll be gutted if I can’t grow them for the forum seed circle. On which note, I am proper cartwheely-delighted that there are 12 of us in it so far.

I’ve also said I will grow some seedlings for a local primary school who are setting up a veg garden in their grounds. Need to arrange to meet the deputy head after half term so I can get an idea of what they want.

Saturday’s forecast looks like full sun – hope that sticks and I can get down to the plot, even if just for a potter.

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