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nearly there Yesterday and today I’ve been shifting earth for the new path, hacking out blackthorn stumps and barrowing the soil into the hedge. It’s squishy, smells stagnant and bloody hard work. I’m resisting buying yet another pair of boots and wearing plastic bags over my socks in the leaky wellies so I don’t get wet feet…Piero helped today, and churned through huge amounts of the path.  There are about 3 metres to go and it will finally be done. Next weekend, if the predicted hangover from Karen’s wedding isn’t too awful.

I also helped move a 10ft silver birch from the middle of a neighbour’s plot to the meadow at the bottom of the field. I hope it survives – again, hard work, particularly digging through the mat of rush and bramble roots to make enough space for the root system. Worth it though – it looks really good there.

The swapped chillies are not germinating. Disappointing, but perhaps they were old seed. I’ve ordered some more Alberto seeds, which is obviously going to be their cue to germinate! I had really wanted to not buy more seeds this year – it is eating into my overall harvest value…In a similar vein, mice seem really really keen on my broad bean seedlings. I have 7 survivors from 44 seedlings, and I am sowing the last of the packet tonight, if I can heave myself off the sofa.

On the plus side the kale is doing well and there is plenty of tasty broccoli sprouting away.

kale carries on

purple sprouting dinner

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