Progress with strawberries

Good stuff today – despite forgetting to take pictures.

At the plot I’ve made a small start into sorting out the strawberry runners from last year. 19 runners had escaped and rooted themselves under the apple tree – now safely out and ensconced in pots. The apple area is blissfully weedfree and about to be manured & wood-ashed. But the two big strawberry beds are A Mess! Michelle and I are having a plot swap weekend soon. I’ve warned her already that we’ll be on our knees potting runners for my day…

This morning I met the Head and Deputy Head at a local primary school which is setting up a brand new school garden. The area is tarmac-y, being broken up and dug out by the school Site Manager (don’t envy him that!) and is south facing, sheltered and next to a mini-orchard. It will have 4 raised beds, wheelchair access and a polytunnel. Guess where all my spare strawberry runners are going this year…  I am really looking forward to helping out – though I won’t be doing much other than helping with seeds and plants. Am very grateful for all the tips from people on here, it was really helpful.

Tomorrow is my lovely friend Karen’s wedding, so no plotwork. And I need to get my nails in proper order. I’m filtering some special sloe gin I’ve had squirrelled away to be bottled as a present and I’ve made a customised label to match their wedding invites. Unnaturally creative of me! Although I think the labels I’ve had printed are too small and I might just need to have them redone.

Here’s hoping Sunday is sunny – I’ve made a huge list of jobs!

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