Month: January 2015

Oca harvest

The oca is all up now. So, notes for this year: The tubers were all small to begin with which I think makes the harvest pretty amazing. They were part […]

Uh-oh. More seeds.

The Crown Prince squash has been sacrificed for the greater good. It’s gone an amazing 2-tone orange/grey-green. Half of it has been roasted. The other half is wrapped up in the fridge and may need to be donated to hungry mouths up the road – the thing is HUGE. 7 […]

Update from a very speedy trip in the freezing cold yesterday: Shook the ash from Friday’s fire round the redcurrants and on the strawberries. Tidied the dead leaves off another third of the strawberries and added them to the slow compost dalek. I need to remember to add some nettles […]

More weeding in the wet

Another 2-hour stint. This time after a week spent in bed with acute bronchitis. Not fun. I am still very tired and wheezy, so tried not to do too much or get too cold. Not sure I achieved either.  The site’s soggy and the main path to my plot is […]

January starts

I popped up to the plot this afternoon, if nothing else then to put off de-Christmassing the flat. Mistletoe berries have been removed from the twigs in the flat and are in the shed till Feb/March as per received internet wisdom. I’m going to try wiping them on my apple […]

Growing in 2015

The annual pen-chewing and umming/aahhhing over seeds has resulted in this list of optimism for 2015: Potatoes: Charlotte, Lady Christl – 1.5kg of each ordered from DT Brown. Desiree from £land.Beans: Aquadulce Claudia, Crimson flowered broad beans, DFB Minidor, Nun’s Belly Button, Vermont Cranberry, Black Coco and Amythest, then CFB Cara […]