Growing in 2015

The annual pen-chewing and umming/aahhhing over seeds has resulted in this list of optimism for 2015:

Potatoes: Charlotte, Lady Christl – 1.5kg of each ordered from DT Brown. Desiree from £land.Beans: Aquadulce Claudia, Crimson flowered broad beans, DFB Minidor, Nun’s Belly Button, Vermont Cranberry, Black Coco and Amythest, then CFB Cara La Virgen De La Bañeza León, Cherokee Trail of Tears, Cousin Oliver’s, Lazy Housewife, Mrs Fortune, and Aeron Purple Star runner bean.Brassicas: Swede,  Gilfeather Turnip, Azure Kohlrabi, Radishes, Nero di Toscana, Shetland Kale, winter PSB, turnips, celeriac.Roots: Parsnips White Gem and Student, Carrots – Rainbow mix, Autumn King, Beetroot Boltardy.

Onions: Jermor shallots (o/w), Ailsa Craig from seed.

Courgettes: Lebanese Otto, Yellow, Genovese, Rugosa Friulana.

Cucumbers: La Diva

Herby things: Saffron (needs moving from the current spot), rosemary, parsley, sage, mint.

Leeks:  Zermatt

Melon: Bozeman watermelon and Kajari melon.

Oca: pink & white and peach – 2 in a bag and 6 planted out in the beds – they can go out late and still give a good crop so can stand in pots from March/April onwards and plant out in July.

Peas: Douce de Provence pea and Kent Blue mangetout

Salads: Fennel, leaf chicory, spinach (20),  little gem on balcony.

Squash: Black Futsu, Berretina Piacentina, Burgess Buttercup, Flat White Boer, Geraumon Martinique, Iran, Jarrahdale, Marina di Chioggia, Potimarron, Shishigatani, Sweet Dumpling, Tromba di Albenga.

Sweetcorn: Sweet Nugget

Tomatoes: Black Russian, Black Cherry, Blush, Dancing with Smurfs, Gardener’s Delight, Katya, Orange Banana, Purple Ukraine, Rainbow F1, Red Zebra, Rosella, Sandpoint, Sweet Million F1, 100s & 1000s.

Chillies in pots:  £land Habanero (yr3),  padron x 6-8, Facing Heaven, Papecchia, Fish, Royal Black, Joe’s Long, Trepadeira Werner, Aji Fantasy and Rocoto Orange Manzano.

I’m viability testing some elderly chilli seed for the GYO forum’s Virtual Seed Parcel (worth checking out!) so also added are: Serrano Tempiqueño, Cyklon Polish chilli, Koral and Kashmiri. They might germinate…my propagator is a bit iffy.

Sweet Pepper: Lipstick,  Tsygansky Baron.

Flowers: borage, cerinthe, cosmos, cornflowers, marigolds, nasturtiums, poached egg plants, poppies, sweet peas.

Other things:  Cape Gooseberry (peruviana, not dwarf), Rosa Bianca and Ophelia aubergines, Achocha to grow against the shed, Kiwano, tomatillo

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