January starts

I popped up to the plot this afternoon, if nothing else then to put off de-Christmassing the flat. Mistletoe berries have been removed from the twigs in the flat and are in the shed till Feb/March as per received internet wisdom. I’m going to try wiping them on my apple tree and a few others. Fingers crossed.

It is fairly dismal up there in winter. Lots of brown, a fair amount of the wet stuff and very little green, apart from the weeds, which are growing like it’s March. I’m waging war early. The broccoli bed has been cleared, has had a light feeding and some of the stems that looked sleepy are now staked sun-wards. It looks like 2 of the 8 plants are about to break forth with buds. I. Cannot. Wait.

The kale needs similar staking and re-netting. No one else’s kale on site seems to be attacked, but mine has been completely whomped. Ruddy pigeons.

Nearly all the shallots are up – only 2 missing.

Harvested 4 slightly sad-looking leeks for leek and potato soup tonight. We had the Tonda Padana squash on the weekend. It’s not as strong flavoured as the Potimarron or Black Futsu, but still very tasty and would be great with some sage and stuck in some ravioli. Still 9 squash left of the 21 squash harvest.

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