Uh-oh. More seeds.

crown prince 1The Crown Prince squash has been sacrificed for the greater good. It’s gone an amazing 2-tone orange/grey-green. Half of it has been roasted. The other half is crown prince 2wrapped up in the fridge and may need to be donated to hungry mouths up the road – the thing is HUGE. 7 squash remaining…

seeds (1)After some serious re-jigging to fit in as much as I can from the Forum’s seed circle, a parcel arrived today from the Allotment4All seed circle. On the one hand I am now completely flummoxed because I haven’t a prayer of being able to fit a
fraction of all these into my growing plan this year. On the other (slightly larger) hand, it’s got me bouncing up and down in my seat because there are a few things in there I have looked for, and a couple of things I have never even heard of. African Horned Cucumber! Tiger nuts!!

More chillies do absolutely have to go into the plan – more flower buckets are needed methinks, and/or some form of cloche-y construction. Trepadeira Werner, Aji Fantasy and Rocoto Orange Manzano are going on the list with sweet pepper Tsygansky Baron. I possibly love the names of seeds as much as growing them!

Am still working my way through Sue Strickland’s book on seed saving. I would also love a go at crossing some plants and growing some soft fruit from cuttings into standards/fans.

I do often wish I had a house with an acre of land on the edge of nowhere, rather than a small garden-free box in a London suburb.