yearly growing lists

Growing in 2015

The annual pen-chewing and umming/aahhhing over seeds has resulted in this list of optimism for 2015: Potatoes: Charlotte, Lady Christl – 1.5kg of each ordered from DT Brown. Desiree from £land.Beans: Aquadulce Claudia, Crimson flowered broad beans, DFB Minidor, Nun’s Belly Button, Vermont Cranberry, Black Coco and Amythest, then CFB Cara […]

Growing in 2014

Happy New Year – Happy new growing plan! This is where I am at for 2014, already a huge advance on 2013 and leaps and bounds ahead of my first year.Potatoes: Lady Christl, Charlotte – no maincrop this year unless v small amounts because of lack of storage at homePentland […]

Growing in 2013

This is my first stab at what I will be growing this year: Potatoes: Duke of York (balcony), Charlotte and Desiree – all now chitting in the kitchen Garlic: Marco (balcony + to go out on plot) Brassicas: Broccoli (in plot, looking sad), Cabbage – Durham Early, Red Drumhead, Cauliflower […]