Growing in 2014

Happy New Year – Happy new growing plan! This is where I am at for 2014, already a huge advance on 2013 and leaps and bounds ahead of my first year.Potatoes: Lady Christl, Charlotte – no maincrop this year unless v small amounts because of lack of storage at homePentland Javelin and Desiree fell into my basket in £land – latter to go in bags in mid-March. Must get decent bags.

Garlic: Marco survivors from 2013, carcassone (as long as it’s not rotted) provence

Brassicas: radishes where room, Swede (15 x 2), Celeriac (15), Sprouts (6), Broccoli early purple (10), Cima di Rapa (10),kohlrabi (10 x 3 or 4), Nero di Toscana (16 – Spring, might also need an autumn sowing), east friesian kale (8 ) andcauliflowers (8 ) if there is any space at all! Forgot them…

Beans: Aquadulce Claudia (30 x 2), Wizard, dwarf beans Minidor (8 ) and Amythest (8 ) then the following up arches/munty if built: Cherokee Trail of Tears (6-10), Blue Lake (6), Purple Star runner (6), Desiree runner (3), forgot Borlotti – will find something for them to run up – if all else fails I have a purple bean teepee top.

Roots: Parsnips, Carrots – rainbow mix, red atomic – both in 42L pots on balcony, beetroot: boltardy, cylindra, chioggia,touchstone gold, cardeal

Courgettes: Lebanese Otto, Yellow, Genovese, Italian Striped, scallop squash x2, trailing marrow x1

Cucumbers: Marketmore 76,  White, La Diva (mini cukes), Piccolo di Parigi gherkin (2 of each cuke and 4-6 gherkin)

Herby things: Rosemary, parsley, sage, thyme, lavender (English – all the French plants have died again), fennel, dill, lemonbalm

Leeks: will have a go at Zermatt

Melon: Sugar Babe, Tiger Red Star

Peas: Douce de Provence, early onward, waverex, sugar snap and kent blue in isolation in culticave

Salads: Fennel (15-20), Chicoria (15 x 2), Golden Purslane (10), Witloof (10), pea shoots (at home), spinach, Good King Henry, Celery (15), Salsola, spring onions

Squash: Potimarron x2, Butternut Waltham x3, Thelma Sanders, Black Futsu x2, Marina di Chioggia, Vif d’etampes, Tonda Padana, Crown Prince, Muscat de Provence, Burgess Buttercup, Queensland Blue, Cornell’s Delicata (16 total to go in two 1.2m x 4.8m beds)

Sweetcorn: Sweet Nugget (19)

Tomatoes: Brandywine, Black Sea Man, Black Cherry, Green Zebra, Lizzano, Sweet Million, Harbinger, Maskotka, Sungold, poss 100s & 1000s, poss Plum Roma. I think that there are too many cordons in there for the space in the culticave and some might need to go outside.

Chillies in pots: no more than 2 each of habanero, jalapeno, lemon drop, hungarian hot wax, padron, papecchia, alberto’s locoto rocoto, facing heaven – all in culticave/greenhouse – might try some chenzos outdoors if room.

Flowers: pot marigolds, nasturtiums, cornflowers, poached egg plants, cosmos, sweet peas.

Interesting things to try a little of:  cape gooseberry (peruviana this time, not dwarf), rosa bianca aubergine, pakchoi, achocha, oca, sweet potato, globe artichoke, chervil roots in long planter

And now I want to grow saffron: Didn’t know it was a British crop.

Edit to cross out things I didn’t end up growing

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